North State Security would like to off all our new and existing client;

The First 3 Month



On Each New Line They Conect To The A1 Grade Professional Monitoring Centre  

By connecting any existing line or connecting a new system to the Back To Base, 24/7, A1 Security Moniroting Station, your site will be;

  • Monitored to detect intruders
  • Monitored to detect open/close times
  • Detailoed report of all site alarm activity
  • Peace of mind knowing your site is secure.
  • Local security company whom can be their promptly shoud the needs arise
  • Professional security technician whom can assist you with all your technical needs

Benefits include timely, accurate data of all movement within your site including when your alarm is armed and disarmed, peace of mind knowing that your site is secure and monitored 24/7 by the A1 back to base monitoring station that we are associated  with and the added benefits of dealing with a local company with the reassurance that we will be there promptly should the need arise.



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