Logging & Reporting

As part of North State Security’s duties it is important that our guards record appropriate events to a log or report.

Communication forms 99% of our role, and therefore North State Security understands that it is an essential requirement that all our security guards are able to communicate professionally and effectively.

On most occasions the first contact for communication is via a phone call, although at times with our clients busy work commitments if this is not possible then a phone message or email will be left for our client to contact us at a more convenient time.

To ensure that communication is efficient it will be followed up by submitting the appropriate report or documentation. All staff are trained in effectively writing reports and submitting documents to management or admin staff.

All security guards must ensure all reports are submitted to management or admin staff. As part of a security guards duty, it may be required off them to conduct a police report or be present at court hearings etc.

Administration staff are responsible for getting these reports to the people involved as well as keeping hard copies for future reference.

North State Security encourage face to face meetings with staff and clients as these have proved to work very effectively in the way of communication to ensure that all parties are getting their concerns, ideas and opinions across.

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